When I was just a twinkle in my daddy’s eyes……. Well I won’t go back that far.

However, I was born and raised in Baltimore, Md through the 60’s and 70’s. The oldest of three boys, and later a younger sister via adoption, you could say I was tasked with leading the way. I did all the things I was supposed to do (and some I wasn’t) – went to school, graduated, went to college (Hampton University), graduated, and launched myself into the big bad world. Since then, I’ve been married, have wonderful daughters, a son in law, and granddaughter. I’ve worked primarily in the sales and marketing world and now currently am an Independent Associate for LegalShield.

I have a sort of eclectic taste and desires that can vary greatly. I’m explorative and inquisitive by nature and love learning about many different topics.

Cool Me

I am Owen. I have lived, am living, and plan to continue living a Blessed & Abundant Life.